City of Luna Pier

Fire Department

Fire Department Contact

Luna Pier Fire Department

(734) 848-3955 (For emergencies call 911)

P.O. Box 396
4268 Luna Pier Rd.
Luna Pier, MI 48157

Chief Robert Dinius

(734) 848-3955


Department Officers
Chief: Robert Dinius Department Administrator
Deputy Chief: Derrick Welton-Operations/Training
Asst. Chief-vacant
Captain: Terry Mueller-Maintenance/Fire Prevention
Lieutenant-Frank Woodward-Water/Ice Rescue
Lieutenant Steve Drotar -Tools/Equipment
Lieutenant: Dawn McLennan-EMS Coordinator

FF1-Rick Liechty
FF2-Ron Wright
FF3-Josh DuVall
FF4-Ken Kruzel
FF5-Dave Gardner
PFF6-Andy Dilts
PFF7-Anthony Wick
PFF8-Brandon Bacome
PFF9-Cyndi Stanifer
PFF10-Barbara Bacome
PFF11-Ray Sorenson
PFF12-Rebecca Sorenson

Support Personnel
Secretary: Chris Burchett
Grant Manager-Dave Weaver

Fire Department News

Reflective Address Markers

The fire department is selling reflective address markers. Some homes have numbers missing, are dark in color, or dont even have address numbers present. There have been many cases where we have had difficulty responding to a rescue call because we could not find the address to the home. The signs can be placed on your mailbox post, fence post, home or anywhere you can imagine.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 848-3955

Chief Robert Dinius

Siren Testing

Siren testing will be taking place the first Monday of every month at approximately 7:00 p.m.

They will be as follows:
Flood, Tornado, and finally Emergency. All three will be tested that night for less than a minute each. The flood siren is a fast high then low sound. The tornado siren is a solid blast. Lastly, the emergency siren (used for rescue and fire emergency and most commonly heard) is the slow high then low sound. All three are being tested so that the community will know what the siren sounds mean.

Members Needed

The Luna Pier Volunteer Fire Department is looking for new members to join the fire department. Interested applicants should contact the Luna Pier Fire Department at (734)848-3955