City of Luna Pier

Flood and Erosion Protection Committee

Flood & Erosion Mission Statement

The mission of the Luna Pier Flood and Erosion Protection Committee is to maintain an active, knowledgeable committee that will strive to keep all residents of Luna Pier safe from lake flooding due to our City being on the Great Lake Erie.  Our motto is “Flood Protection for All”.

Approved by the Flood & Erosion Protection Committee 6-18-2013

***March 19, 2024 Flood Commission Meeting will be cancelled. Next scheduled meeting will be April 1916 2024 at 7:00 pm. at Water Tower Park

Flood & Erosion Vision Statement

A pleasant, assessable and safe waterfront experience for every resident and visitor to Luna Pier. 

  • Protection for person and property from the fierce waters of the Northeast winds.
  • Regular maintenance schedules for the City’s water pumps, concrete dike system, earthen dikes, flood gates, and shoreline erosion.
  • Obtain and maintain permits for annual dredging.  
  • A safe waterfront with no tripping or falling hazards.
  • Reduce or eliminate erosion of our dikes (concrete & earthen)     
  • Semi-annually walk our dikes to observe any improvements or problems with our dikes, shoreline erosion or safety issues.
  • Bi-annual inspection of maintenance logs, permits.
  • Develop and maintain a respectful working relationship with governmental agencies such as the Corps of Engineers, DEQ, DNR, USDA etc.
  • Work closely with the City Administer, City Council, and Mayor to ensure the City is taking action on requested concerns and recommendations.
  • Have citizens of Luna Pier work with the City in identifying flood, safety and erosion concerns and maintain their property up to the Rules and Regulations of the City in regards to protecting our dikes, lake and shoreline.
  • Continue to seek Federal and State grants and loans.


Approved by the Flood & Erosion Protection Committee 6-18-2013

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FEP Members


Marc Donnelly

William Gardner

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Ray Frost

Jim Gardner

Robin Walton