City of Luna Pier

Flood Information

Flood Bulletin Board

Flood Meeting Cancelled


For additional Flood Information go to the FEMA website at www.floodsmart.go

Flood Warning Sirens

Luna Piers new fire siren is equipped with a special tone to alert residents as to when flooding is a strong possibility. The flood tone is a fast up and down sound and completely different from fire, rescue, and tornado warnings. The fire department will be testing the sirens on a regular basis the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Questions or Concerns

Inquiries can be answered Mon. thru Fri. 7:30-4:00 PM by calling (734) 848-6495 or by stopping at the Municipal Building, located at 4357 Buckeye Street in Luna Pier. Please note that Luna Pier has copies of elevation certificates for recent construction available upon request for a small fee.

Flood Insurance

Since all of Luna Pier is located in a floodplain, flood insurance is an option for all residents. If you don’t have flood insurance, call your insurance agent because homeowners policies do not cover damage from floods.