City of Luna Pier

Planning Commission

Planning Commisson & EDC Members

open seat
Marilyn Foster
Dawn Gramza
Freddie Niedermeyer-Secretary
Megan Niner -Vice-Chair
Rick Stump     
Shawn Reid-Chair      

 Vacant, EDC

James Gardner, EDC
Dee Parran, Secretary




Meeting Change Notice

Planning Commission meetings are held on the fourth (4) Tuesday of the month at 4:00 p.m. at Water Tower Park Hall 11345 Harold Dr.,  Luna Pier, Mi. 48157


Zoning Ordinance Update

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Master Plan Info


Updating the Luna Pier Master Plan

Luna Pier is a great community – great for many reasons.   The people, the lake, the beach all combine to create a terrific place to call home.   The community we all see and experience each day is really the result of thousands of decisions made by residents and elected officials over many years.   Past and current residents have built a community that is easy to become attached to, and easy to feel optimistic about.  

But what will the next 10 to 20 years bring for Luna Pier?  Will it become more attractive, and livable, or will it decline in comparison to other communities.   That will depend upon future decision-making.   To be sure, there is no way to predict exactly what the future will bring as many things are simply not controlled locally.   However, what is controlled locally is whether the city has, and works toward, a long-term vision for community development.   All communities face this same challenge when it comes to creating the future.   In the really successful communities however, there is a noticeable sense of being fully committed to long-term community planning and a sense what they want to become.   They develop this vision from substantial discussion with residents and they have high expectations for what they can be.  They capitalize on their strengths and they have a sense of authenticity. 

The opportunity to create this long-term vision for Luna Pier will unfold in 2024.   The City has contracted with McKenna to update our award-winning Master Plan.   The work to be done will include many opportunities for residents and community organizations to weigh in on what they would like the future of Luna Pier to be like.   While no one is suggesting change for the sake of change, there is so much potential in Luna Pier and your input is needed to fully explore the available choices.   The Luna Pier Planning Commission will be spearheading this effort, and residents will have many opportunities to share thoughts and ideas in the coming months.  However, if you have a desire to participate in this effort in a more active role, please contact us at Luna Pier City Hall or Mayor Gardner directly and let them know of your interest.  Otherwise, please watch future newsletters, the city web site and newspapers for future meeting notices.   2024 will be a very important year for the City of Luna Pier as it charts a course for the future.