City of Luna Pier

Streamline Developers Guide

Monroe County long has been viewed as a crossroads for commerce and, for three decades, the Monroe County Business Development Corp. has been helping industries and business capitalize on the opportunities to grow or expand in this dynamic area of Southeast Michigan. In addition to strategic locations served by rail, highway, water and air, the area offers a skilled labor force, an unparalleled work ethic, a superb quality of life, excellent schools, quality housing, a public-private team approach to problem-solving, and a range of incentives to enhance the competitiveness of business and industry.

The Monroe County BDC stands ready to help meet your siting, expansion, or business development needs, and has a track record of success in fostering economic development. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for economic development assistance and information, including demographics, work force statistics, availability of sites, tax incentives, development, training, and practical advice that will help turn your development, expansion or entrepreneurial dreams into realities.

Being part of Monroe County, The City of Luna Pier is poised for economic development opportunities with our location on I-75.  Please click below to watch the Streamlining Guide for what this area to offer.

Video: Welcome to Monroe County

Please click the above Developers Streamlining link/logo to access the Monroe County Developer’s Streamlining Guide and related video. We hope you will find this guide a useful tool for any development project you might engage in our community.